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About AIMLpad+CyN

AIML (Artificial Intelligence Markup Language) is the creation of Dr. Richard Wallace. It is an XML-like pattern matching language that is mainly used by AIML interpreters to formulate responses to conversational text strings entered by the user. AIML is a very simple language to learn because of it's relatively few number of keywords and simple structure.

AIMLpad, created by Gary Dubuque, is an AIML interpreter. It was mainly designed to be used as a "personal assistant" chatter-bot. AIMLpad uses a text interface for communicating with the user. It also takes advantage of a Graphic User Interface to allow you to program and maintain the chatterbot's so-called "intelligence". With suitable AIML (and the included scripting language designed by Gary Dubuque) it can be programmed to say and do many things.

CyN, created by Kino Coursey, is a modified version of AIMLpad. It extends AIMLpad by offering a micro Web and IRC server, and can interface to an OpenCyc server on a local or external computer.

You may well ask what Program-N is? Well, Program-N is simply a designation by Dr. Richard Wallace signifying that AIMLpad is an AIML compliant interpreter. Extensions are allowed for an AIML interpreter, but the interpreter must be able to parse AIML code as defined by an AIML standard (currently at v1.01).

AIMLpad has integrated CyN into it's code base and both authors have rallied together to create the version now available at SourceForge. You can expect the authors to develop their own separate versions for testing code and ideas. But the integration of successful code and ideas will probably end up on the version available at SourceForge.

Other features of AIMLpad include:

About Introduction Design Goals Tutorials Downloads